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GWHS DANCE CONCERT 2016: April 28 & 29 @ 7:30 pm, April 30 @ 2 pm

GWHS Dance Concert 2016

April 28 & 29 @ 7:30 pm, April 30 @ 2 pm

Dance: Beginning, Intermediate, & Advanced (GWHS Dance Company)


  • GWHS is proud to have a complete dance program offering courses in beginning dance, intermediate dance, and the GWHS Dance Company (advanced dance).
  • The Dance Company performs in the annual Dance Concert, Great America, Marching Band Football Halftime show, Vision Series Modern Dance Festival at The Cowell Theater @ Fort Mason, GWHS rallies, VAPA assemblies, Battle of the Birds Basketball Halftime show, Young at Art, SFGH holiday Showcase, benefits, and at other  schools and festivals throughout the year.
  • Students can take dance to satisfy the Visual and Performing Arts graduation requirement, and to demonstrate that they are well-rounded and artistic students.
  • All dance students have the opportunity to perform in the annual Spring Dance Concert:
  • Thursday April 28 @ 7:30 PM, Friday April 29 @ 7:30 PM, and Saturday April 30 @ 2 PM. 
  • (Enter at 30th Avenue & Anza Street Gate for all GWHS performances.)


COURSE OBJECTIVES: Students will be able to:

  • Study jazz dance, hip-hop, ballet, contemporary dance, musical theater, and various ethnic dance forms.
  • Learn a variety of cultural dances in order to embrace the diversity within our classroom and the world at large.
  • Collaborate on choreography in small groups throughout the year (showing a variety of dance styles and expanding one’s versatility and artistry as a dancer, choreographer, and performer).
  • Self-reflect in a written format upon completion of individual or group performance tests.
  • Enhance their fitness level, strength, muscle awareness, flexibility, posture, and self-esteem.
  • Accurately and safely perform flexibility and strengthening exercise on their own.
  • Explore and appreciate the many ways dance is utilized (musical theater, movies, live dance productions, cultural festivals, social functions, commercials, music videos, and ceremonies).
  • Expand their personal music and dance repertoire.
  • Learn anatomy and physiology along with injury prevention.

(These are just some of the course objectives common to all class levels)


Thank you for supporting the arts!

Nina Mayer,

GWHS Director of Dance

GWHS VAPA Department Chair

dance softball 207.jpg IMG_8129.jpg dance softball 209.jpg P1290070.jpg Kimberly and Nick.jpg P1280055.jpg PA090006.jpg P1280049.jpg PB090729.jpg PB180097.jpg PC080126.jpg dance softball 207.jpg dance softball 209.jpg George Washington High Schol January 22 2011-0209.jpg IMG_8129.jpg Kimberly and Nick.jpg P1280055.jpg P1280049.jpg P1290070.jpg PA090006.jpg PB090729.jpg PB180097.jpg 796Y3322.jpg PC080126.jpg 796Y3406.jpg 796Y3442.jpg 796Y3430.jpg 796Y3496.jpg 796Y3509.jpg 796Y3588.jpg 796Y3536.jpg 796Y3594.jpg 796Y3639.jpg 796Y3652.jpg 796Y3654.jpg 796Y3667.jpg 796Y3662.jpg 796Y3696.jpg GWHS Dance Concert Flyer Angie.jpg GWHS Dance Concert Flyer D'Monya.jpg GWHS Dance Concert Flyer Jennifer.jpg GWHS Dance Concert Flyer Phoebe.jpg GWHS Dance Concert Flyer Phyo & D'Monya.jpg GWHS Dance Concert Flyer Reina 2.jpg GWHS Dance Concert Flyers GROUP.jpg GWHS Dance Concert flyers phyo, phoebe, d'monya.jpg GWHS Dance Concert Flyers Reina.jpg 796Y3295.jpg 796Y3340.jpg 796Y3355.jpg 796Y3626.jpg poster7-bradford.jpg poster5-reika.jpg poster9-trio.jpg poster10-andy.jpg poster14-group.jpg poster3-marisa.jpg GWHS Dance Concert 2011 LeVander.jpg GWHS Dance Concert 2011 Michelle.jpg GWHS Dance Concert 2011 Kimberly.jpg GWHS Dance Concert 2011 TRIO.jpg GWHS Dance Concert 2011 Angela.jpg GWHS Dance Concert 2011 Eric.jpg poster8-duet.jpg 796Y3319.jpg 796Y5684.jpg 796Y5848.jpg 796Y5860.jpg 796Y6280.jpg 796Y6475.jpg 796Y6228.jpg GWHS DANCE CONCERT 2014 796Y6340.jpg 796Y6382.jpg 796Y6388.jpg GWHS DANCE CONCERT 2014 GWHS DANCE CONCERT 2014 GWHS DANCE CONCERT 2014 GWHS DANCE CONCERT 2014 GWHS DANCE CONCERT 2014 GWHS DANCE CONCERT 2014 GWHS DANCE CONCERT 2014 GWHS DANCE CONCERT 2014 GWHS DANCE CONCERT 2014 GWHS DANCE CONCERT 2014 GWHS DANCE CONCERT 2014 GWHS DANCE CONCERT 2014 GWHS 2014 flyers amy-1.jpg GWHS Dance Concert 2014 Flyer  Andrezonae.jpg GWHS 2014 flyers sandip.jpg GWHS 2014 flyers wanqi.jpg