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APUSH Summer Homework

APUSH Summer Homework

All assignments must be completed and ready to turn in on the first day of school, Monday 8/21. Have your video ready to share on 8/21.

Email with any questions ASAP.

1. Outline chapters 1-2 using Cornell notes.

To ensure pacing, you should complete each chapter by the following date:

Chapter 1: 6/17

Chapter 2: 7/15

  • See the attached files for chapters and instructions on how to do Cornell notes. Outlines should be between 1/4 and 1/2 the number of pages as the chapter (20 page chapter is between 5 and 10 pages of outline).
  • Must be hand-written.

2. Take Bagpipe Notes on chapters 1 and 2. Do these AFTER you outline, to make sure you understand the material. If you do them at the same time, you won’t absorb the content as well.

To ensure pacing, you should complete each chapter by the following date:

Chapter 1: 7/1

Chapter 2: 8/5

  • Must be hand-written.
  • Do these after the outlines. This way you can make sure that your outlines are detailed enough, and reinforce your content mastery.


3. 2-4 minute video on your family’s immigration/migration to SF.

  • Go as far back as you can with as much detail as you can.
  • It must be a self-contained video file (mp4, flv, mov, wmv, etc.)
  • Use either Windows Movie Maker or iMovie.
  • Make sure that you finalize/export your film. If you don’t, you’ll simply have a file telling us where on your computer the audio and images are.
  • Bring it on a USB drive or have it somewhere streamable so we don't have to sit and watch your email download.

    I recommend the following steps for your video:
  1. Brainstorm
  2. Ask/research to fill in gaps
  3. write a script
  4. find family photos
  5. find photos on
  6. fill in any blanks
  7. record audio
  8. import into iMovie or Windows Movie Maker
  9. drag and drop photos in
  10. edit photo lengths to match audio
  11. finalize
  12. rejoice

4. Memorize the state map of the US

         You will take a test to correctly name all the states in the US. It will be perfect score or fail, though you can retake it repeatedly during the first week until you get a perfect score.


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